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Barnstormer's Grill

Our restaurant is noted for excellent food and service. We are located just a short distance from Griffin, Georgia (10 minutes west) on a small airport. The travel distance from downtown Atlanta is 1 hour. We are noted for our fresh hamburgers, baby back ribs, and desserts. All of our desserts are homemade. You can also place a dessert order to be picked up. Please plan to join us for a great dining experience. We share our building with an antique museum housing old automobiles and old airplanes. Please go to for more information.

The history of Barnstormer’s Grill is varied and colorful! and actually begins when David Harwell’s two daughters ran a sandwich snack shop from the original building ‘up on the hill’ next to David’s workshop. They worked there on Saturday’s while they were in school. Because it was a favorite hang out for pilots, the business was great for the girls' spending money! The sandwich shop became a restaurant and remained in the same small building with seating for about 40 people. This tiny space continued to be gathering spot for pilots of small aircraft and bi-planes. The operation hours were Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

In 2005, Ron Alexander, a retired Delta Captain, bought the Peachstate Aerodrome. At this time, Ron had laid the ground work for Candler Field Museum and Peachstate Aerodrome was home for fly in events to support the new museum. The continuation of Barnstormer's Grill was a possiblity as the previous owners released their ownership. The goal of the museum founder was to encourage the public to remember the 1920’s era when life was on an upswing and flying was a new and interesting part of life, and to create an exposure to aviation in order to interest young people. Aviation with its bi-planes is a vital part of our heritage, and he wanted to keep it alive through the museum. The grass runway lends itself to antique bi-planes and the events promoted rides barnstorming style along with demonstrations about how the bi-plane trainers dropped the bombs( 5# bags of flour) during WW II.

In July, 2007, Trudy Gill came to work at Barnstormer’s Grill. She brought with her a wealth of knowledge about food service and catering. Her goal was to help Ron Alexander and the museum board put the museum and the restaurant ‘on the map’. Later in May of 2008, she partnered with Ron Alexander as one of the owners of Barnstormer’s Grill and moving the grill to the new building along with the museum became a reality. The contractors poured the foundation of Candler Field Museum and Barnstormer’s Grill across the runway in the middle of 18 acres in August of 2007. And so the construction began. While still in the old location 'on the hill', Candler Field hosted its first annual Veteran’s Day event in November 2007 honoring all the branches of the service. The service featured a guest speaker along with the missing man formation and taps. This annual event is a favorite among the local people.

On August 28,2008, Candler Field Museum and Barnstormer’s Grill opened the doors in their new location. The restaurant faced the runway with windows on 2 sides, a patio and an upper deck for viewing.

Barnstormer’s Grill has become a place for families to gather and celebrate or just relax. Due to our capable staff, we can serve catered events, birthday parties, large parties in our dining room and banquet room or wedding events. Each month, our manager changes the monthly features to give a variety of choices to our customers. We believe in creating a welcoming atmosphere, treating our customers like family, giving friendly efficient service and serving great homemade food. Come see us soon or book us for your next special event!! We look forward to serving you and making you a part of our customer family.

Talk to you soon!


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